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In March 2013, I registered and in a timely fashion, I launched that portion of my site tonight after receiving feedback that my tools were hard to find on my site. Every time I launch a tool, I will post a blog and will outline the interventon on the Social Work Tech Tools portion…


A Social Worker Reviews iPhone 6

On September 19, 2014, I got up to stand in line at my local Apple Store. I got there at 4 AM and was eagerly waiting for iPhone 6. Frankly, I did it because the hype was overwhelming and standing in line for an Apple product launch was a bucket list event that I’ve never…


Word Lens: An App for Bilingual Social Work Practice

Several years ago, I downloaded Word Lens because it was free at the time and did not really use it. I recently found out that Word Lens is free for download on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad. It is an app with possibilities to enhance Social Work Practice of Spanish-speaking practitioners. It is…

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Password Management for Social Work Practice

The current state of your password management is probably intolerable, with Post-It notes, random pieces of paper, or other primitive tracking methods to keep track of multiple logins, sites, and credit card information – and we do this to keep our personal and professional lives in order. It’s almost like you’re dying to get hacked…

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Quick Tip: Clipping and Highlighting for Research

I thought I would share this quick tip with you all for researching and highlighting articles posted on the web. What I used: My Internet Browser (Chrome or die) Pocket App (on iOS) Pocket Extension (for Google Chrome) Evernote App (on iOS) Also featured: Evernote Clipper (for Google Chrome) Clipping Your Research Article 1. Get Article An…

A great tool for social workers - An introduction and review by Social Work Tech

Pocket: A Great Tool for Social Workers

I wanted to write about some of the apps that I use on a daily basis. As the internet has become a daily part of our existence, it’s common to run into content, stories, etc. that resonates with you. Pocket is Free App That I Use Daily Pocket is that safe harbor to keep, clip, archive,…

Sleep, Give Thanks, Self-Care, Reflection, Refrain from Loafing, Plan Your Next Moves, Be Active, Reach Out, Assemble Your Support System, Have An Intention for Your Upcoming Year

Make The Most of Your Winter Break!

Photo copyright for Feature Image by Moyan Brenn The time after the Fall Semester ends is glorious; warm bed, beverages, food, and the delightful company of loved ones. For those that can afford it, it also means gorging on crummy Holiday-movies from the 80s and 90s to seal the wintery deal of vacation bliss. The holidays…