Social Work Tech Quick Tip: Clipping and Highlighting For Research

Quick Tip: Clipping and Highlighting for Research

I thought I would share this quick tip with you all for researching and highlighting articles posted on the web. What I used: My Internet Browser (Chrome or die) Pocket App (on iOS) Pocket Extension (for Google Chrome) Evernote App (on iOS) Also featured: Evernote Clipper (for Google Chrome) Clipping Your Research Article 1. Get Article An…

Pro-Tip #004: Make The Most of Your Winter Break

Make The Most of Your Winter Break!

Photo copyright for Feature Image by Moyan Brenn The time after the Fall Semester ends is glorious; warm bed, beverages, food, and the delightful company of loved ones. For those that can afford it, it also means gorging on crummy Holiday-movies from the 80s and 90s to seal the wintery deal of vacation bliss. The holidays…

Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Using Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Evernote presents a dilemma for me: I love it but it’s not HIPAA friendly. This is how I use the app for things concerning clients and can be helpful for people that practice as therapists, psychologist, and related fields of social work!

Set Boundaries, Early and Often

Social Work Pro Tip #002: Set Boundaries, Early and Often

Setting boundaries is something we social workers often teach their clients – it’s good to practice what we preach! Setting boundaries early in a relationship is very important, as you establish respect for yourself, acknowledge your limits, and pay homage to your values.

Pro Tip Tuesday: 06/25/2013

Social Work Pro Tip #001: Be The Hero You Admire

Editor Note: I’m starting a series – Pro Tip Tuesday – that I hope helps with marrying the social worker identity with the technology piece that this blog focuses on. Some themes may lean on one side more than the other, but I hope that this inspires professional development.


Journaling for Professional, Personal, and Academic Development

I best express myself in written word which works for me as the best way to capture what I am feeling, reflect as I write, and draw some sort of conclusion at the end of this process. It allows me to process my dreams, hopes, aspirations, frustrations.