Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Using Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Evernote presents a dilemma for me: I love it but it’s not HIPAA friendly. This is how I use the app for things concerning clients and can be helpful for people that practice as therapists, psychologist, and related fields of social work!


Journaling for Professional, Personal, and Academic Development

I best express myself in written word which works for me as the best way to capture what I am feeling, reflect as I write, and draw some sort of conclusion at the end of this process. It allows me to process my dreams, hopes, aspirations, frustrations.

Ignacio on Camera

Observing Your Session Using Tech Tools

I can’t begin to tell you how envious I am of most of you returning back to school, for I miss it very much! Each of the four semesters I was in graduate school, my school of social work required us to submit a process recording. For the unfamiliar, a process recording is a document…

Dropbox Logo

If You’re an MSW/BSW Student, You Need To Be Using Dropbox

A digital tragedy fell upon one of my Social Work colleagues today and it broke my heart. I have been absent from this blog because I was working diligently on a process recording, community project paper, and first draft of my final-year research paper – the latter assignment being a casualty of my friend’s digital tragedy due to losing their USB thumb drive.