Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Using Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Evernote presents a dilemma for me: I love it but it’s not HIPAA friendly. This is how I use the app for things concerning clients and can be helpful for people that practice as therapists, psychologist, and related fields of social work!


Journaling for Professional, Personal, and Academic Development

I best express myself in written word which works for me as the best way to capture what I am feeling, reflect as I write, and draw some sort of conclusion at the end of this process. It allows me to process my dreams, hopes, aspirations, frustrations.


Using Evernote to Retain Important Telephone Conversations

When being presented with information, one can fall behind or get confused on what the information provider is relaying.

Especially for those of us that are no longer young bucks (I speak only for myself), sometimes being overloaded with information can be frustrating.

"Aren't These The Same Thing?"

Ask Iggy: Using Dropbox Vs. Evernote

I received the following email from a colleague.

Dear Iggy,

I’m the type of user who likes to use as few sites as possible, but maximize the use of each application. I’m a little OCD about clutter and this especially is applied to digital clutter. I’m comparing the merits of Evernote vs Dropbox. I’m not convinced that I need both products as they seem to overlap.

I read your article on creating a toolbox, and several other articles on SWTB, but I’m still not convinced that I need both platforms. However, you seem to be convinced that both are quite useful.

As a doctoral student, I have a massive amount of files that I rely on for my research needs. What *are* the merits of using both products for filing purposes?

 – @LyndaB73, MSW & Doctoral Student

Evernote Essentials by Brett Kelly

Learn How To Use Evernote [ebook]

Brett Kelley, a friend and inspiration to the Social Work Tech Blog, recently released the second edition of his Evernote Essentials ebook, having worked very hard to complete it! I am very happy for him!   A 20% discount on Evernote Essentials is available from now through Friday, September 9 if you use coupon code “FINALLY” during checkout. [although…


iPad, Me and the Upcoming Semester: Going Paperless

One geek fantasy that I had since iPad was announced was eliminating a certain nightmare:

Paperless Challenge

I’m looking forward to (attempting) to use my iPad as a machine that eliminates my dependence on as much paper as I can, which means utilization of my scanner and tech skills to make this happen.