I have technology skills that are crucial to the helping professional for marketing, adopting technology, and coordination of information. Those benefiting from consultation are individuals or businesses that are interested in developing their online presence and their social work tech skills, as well as learning about technology tools in general.

Services can be tailored to you a la carte and via consultation. An hourly fee can be negotiated, with personal one-on-one time scheduled at your home or business (for local professionals in the Monterey, CA-area).

Ignacio, near Big Sur, CA

Contact: Ignacio

Mobile/SMS: 831-275-0805

e-mail: iggy@socialworktech.com

Tools For Practice

I can help you develop tools for your practice and help you learn about the latest tech tools for your practice.

Psychoeducation and Document Development

I can help put together your psychoeducatonal handouts and presentations. I can also translate of agency documents from paper to digital versions (Microsoft Office) for typing. A small example follows [click images for larger representations]:

Tech Tutorials

iPad 101

So you made the plunge and bought an iPad… or you’re thinking about it… Get the most bang out of your dollars spent by learning which apps can be most useful in practice and in your professional life.

Tech Skill Development

So you want to learn how to video chat? Skype? use Google Tools? I can teach you at your own pace and in terms you can understand to effectively learn and use these tools.


I accept payment by cash, credit/debit card, or check (in order of preference).

Making Contact

Make contact with me today for a free no-pressure consultation! – Ignacio