Meet Ignacio

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I am a social worker and have lived in the Monterey Area for the past decade. I am an Otter (CSUMB, CHHS, 2007), a Spartan (SJSU, MSW, 2011), and have worked in the field of human services since 2004.


Relationships are very important to me and I am a pretty easy-going person. I enjoy learning and experiencing new things, listening to the radio, strengthening my skills, and practicing self-care.


Functionality and usefulness of your project is key, from learning how to use and customize your iPad to learning about the latest and greatest apps that are for sale and how be better productive for your practice.


I tutoring and coach by meeting you where you at, helping you to feel comfortable, and assisting you to helping you learn in ways that you remember.

Aesthetically Minded

I practice my tutoring by meeting you where you at, helping you to feel comfortable, and assisting you to helping you learn so that you remember


I’m a firm believer in no fluff. I work find ways to make a 10-step process into five or less.

Guiding Principles


Image is everything.

Uncomplicated and Understandable

Technology can be very daunting, disempowering, an complicated. I’m good at making it manageable, useful, and understandable.

For your project, contemporary language makes your project relevant. For projects like web site management, content is worded in a contemporary way. With individual projects like academic consulting, my teaching style breaks down large concepts so that they are memorable.

Relevant, Timeless, and Professional Work

The shelf-life of a project should outlive the preparation that went into it. Careful work goes in to make sure that your project does not quickly become dated (or outdated).

A professional look and feel for your project will attract others and their desires to have it.


Utilizing social work values and meeting you where you are, you will have better control over understanding technology. My job is to help you understand.

While my scope of practice in combining social work values and technology is well-grounded, I believe in being forthright to any of my limitations is a best practice.

Consultation Services Available

Consultation services are available for social workers, helping professionals, and non-profit agencies to:

  • Assist with development of their identity/brand
  • Facilitate inexpensive website management
  • Develop marketing tools for your business
  • Understanding how to use technology tools.

Social Work Tech is located in Monterey, CA.

Get Your Practice or Product Online

Branding is very important for your work. Learn how to manage a Twitter account, run a Facebook page, explore other social media, and build your audience.

Breathe new life into your site with an upgrade to your layout and information management. Increase relevancy and be contemporary.

Inexpensive hosting is available at a reasonable rate for your web site. No need to work with another service provider.

Promote your practice, product, or service on the social media venue(s) appropriate for your product! Learn the basics to engage with prospective clients.

Learn Some Cool Stuff Through Coaching

For Professional Growth. Learn to set up your calendar on your computer or mobile phone. Learn Evernote, Things, or other task and life management software.

Learn Your Tech Tools. Get to know your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC, and how to navigate them so that you will always remember how to use them.

Improve Your Presentation Skills. Modify your presentation style to have increased confidence and effectiveness in your speaking presentation.

Career and Academic Coaching

Improve Your Presentations. Video, audio, transitional, and / or layout enhancements can help you convey your idea. In addition, improve your presentation style to have increased confidence and effectiveness in your speaking presentation.

For Students. Get support with large or small projects, written work, or reports. I offer spell- and grammar-check, and assisting you in clarification of your written work. I can also provide consultation on APA formatting.


Get An Edge On Your Competition. I will help you to tighten your resume, present yourself as a professional, and groom you to be a desired candidate. While landing that job is not guaranteed, you will be empowered and in a better position.

Create Some Cool Stuff

Create Brilliant Things. Develop strong and impacting handouts, tutorials, or lessons that make a lasting impact.

Organize Your Ideas. If you have a great idea that needs to be creatively developed, I can help you to bring it to fruition.

Hash It Out. This type of consultation is for individuals with a great idea that need direction, advice, constructive feedback, or critical analysis.

Other Projects Not Listed

At Your Service. I can offer a general consultation. If it’s technology-related and not listed above, I can probably do it (or know someone who can help you).

Happy Customers