"How to Use Zoom. A Guide for Clients by Social Work Tech."

How to Use Zoom

Hello! Because of the coronavirus/COVID-19 it is necessary to change how we meet. I hope that this guide helps you to connect with me on the Zoom app. Zoom is an app that is supposed to help us communicate securely.

What you are going to need

A ¨smart¨ phone with a front-facing camera (like an iPhone or Android)

vector of a smart phone

Internet Service

such as Wi-Fi or

vector of a wifi logo

a Cell Phone Plan

vector of a mobile phone signal

with Unlimited (or lots of) Data

Your Provider’s Zoom ID Number

This is the number that let’s you connect with your therapist, social worker, psychiatric provider.

If you don’t have this, call your clinic to get it.

Zoom Meeting ID Number

Step 1: Download Zoom

On the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android), search for Zoom.

The icon will be blue and look like this:

Zoom app logo

App Store (iPhone)

Apple app store logo
Click to Download Zoom on the App Store

Play Store (Android)

Click to Download Zoom on the Google Play Store

Step 2: Launch Zoom

After it is done installing, launch the app and select “Join”.

The button will look like this:

In Zoom, this is the Join button

Step 3: Join Our Meeting

Where it says “Meeting ID”, type in my Personal Meeting ID (If you do not have this or you lost it, please call me).

Where it says “Screen Name”, type in your Name.

Press the blue button to “Join Meeting”

Join a Meeting in Zoom, put the Zoom ID in one box and your name in the other, then click "Join"

Step 4: Patiently Wait

If you entered the correct Meeting ID, you will see a message to that the meeting host will let you in soon!

"Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon. Your Provider's Personal Meeting Room"

That’s It!

Your provider will be with you, shortly!

picture of the therapist after successfully connecting