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"A New Kind of Safety Plan" "Social Work Tech"

A New Kind of Safety Plan

As a clinical social worker, I often worry about my clients. Besides working with a higher-risk population that have had hospitalizions in the past year, I’m a human being and I care about my clients. I especially have a soft spot for people suffering with hopelessness, feelings of worthlessness, and depression. It’s a hell I’m…

Background is a pattern that is red and white stripes, a blue background with stars (like an American Flag). Superimposed is the logo for the Galactic Empire in juxtaposition to the logo for the Rebel Alliance. A banner, which has the "Social Work Tech" logo on the side, reads: "A Proportional Response"

A Proportional Response

The Presidential Election horrified the ever-living hell out of everyone I know. I wrote the following reflection as a personal note to my social work colleagues and I have modified it and posted it because it may do some good. For social workers that identify as progressive, LGBTQ, Muslim, Immigrant, Feminist, non-White, disabled, pro-choice, and/or…

"Get Home Safe" imposed on a picture of a dark road leading somewhere.

Get Home Safe

Every month, the licensing board in my state puts out a list of disciplinary actions that it has doled out to MFTs, Clinical Social Workers, and other practitioners of the behavioral sciences. I read every single one of those. It’s trashy, I know. It’s amazing what people do to lose their license (or put it in…