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A Very Social Work Tech New Year

Happy New Year! In 2015, I published nine whole articles! Nine articles. I started the year with a New Years resolution post and I wrote about how I use technology at work and for personal development. I also published a guide for learning new technology, and talked about Periscope, a tool that helps social workers…

Howard Stern and How I Practice Social Work

I listen to Howard Stern, the infamous radio disc jockey that elicits a strong reaction from different people based on their perception of him. To admit liking Howard Stern is the kiss of death in this profession, inciting reactions and assumptions from fellow professionals about my own professionalism and commitment to issues of social justice –…

iPad, Me and the Upcoming Semester: Going Paperless

One geek fantasy that I had since iPad was announced was eliminating a certain nightmare: Paperless Challenge I’m looking forward to (attempting) to use my iPad as a machine that eliminates my dependence on as much paper as I can, which means utilization of my scanner and tech skills to make this happen.