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Background is a pattern that is red and white stripes, a blue background with stars (like an American Flag). Superimposed is the logo for the Galactic Empire in juxtaposition to the logo for the Rebel Alliance. A banner, which has the "Social Work Tech" logo on the side, reads: "A Proportional Response"

A Proportional Response

The Presidential Election horrified the ever-living hell out of everyone I know. I wrote the following reflection as a personal note to my social work colleagues and I have modified it and posted it because it may do some good. For social workers that identify as progressive, LGBTQ, Muslim, Immigrant, Feminist, non-White, disabled, pro-choice, and/or…

Background: Fireworks. Text: "A Very Social Work Tech New Year! An Editorial By Social Work Tech".

A Very Social Work Tech New Year

Happy New Year! In 2015, I published nine whole articles! Nine articles. I started the year with a New Years resolution post and I wrote about how I use technology at work and for personal development. I also published a guide for learning new technology, and talked about Periscope, a tool that helps social workers…

DSM-5: Five Things To Hope For

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is a tool that I have been trained to use to do my as a clinical social worker. Recently, it has undergone some controversial changes, but I am hoping that the American Psychiatric Association also considers technology for disseminating their product.

Dear Steve

Dear Steve, Thank you for all that you have given us: innovation, design, inspiration, aesthetics, and vision. You have affected the lives of many in a way that provides knowledge, pleasure, and inspiration. Your influence has transcended different trades, disciplines, professions and has caused us to think different. You have inspired me to be creative,…