Tom Bihn makes the greatest bags ever. That’s not an understatement – I have looked far and wide, spend quite a few dollars on bags, and have been left with an empty crusted soul. That is until spring of last year when I got my Tom Bihn ID bag. The Unofficial Apple Blog brought Tom Bihn to my attention and it piqued my curiousity. I purchased this bag soon after and lived happily ever after!

Tom Bihn ID bag

I believe that this bag is a technological marvel. I can carry my different tools around with practicality, style, and thoughtfulness on the design part of it. Read more of this review and see the Social Work Tech, in a video review, after the break!


I’m pretty sure that I’m either going to ask for the Empire Builder or Aeronaut (in black, baby!) as my graduation gift this coming May. I want to travel :)