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Five New Years Resolutions for the Social Work Professional

Another year in, another year out… Boy, that was fast!

Every year, the trendy thing is to make resolutions. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Get out of debt.… Laudible? Yes. Cliché? oui. However, the new year is a chance for renewal, change, and to reset and redirect ourselves.

Now, whether you stumbled on this post at the start of the new year or some other time, what follows is a list of behaviors I will continue doing this year to become a better social work professional.

Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Using Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Evernote presents a dilemma for me: I love it but it’s not HIPAA friendly. This is how I use the app for things concerning clients and can be helpful for people that practice as therapists, psychologist, and related fields of social work!

A graphic of a road barrier. Caption says: Set Boundaries, Early and Often

Social Work Pro Tip #002: Set Boundaries, Early and Often

Setting boundaries is something we social workers often teach their clients – it’s good to practice what we preach! Setting boundaries early in a relationship is very important, as you establish respect for yourself, acknowledge your limits, and pay homage to your values.

Pro Tip Tuesday: Be The Hero That You Admire

Social Work Pro Tip #001: Be The Hero You Admire

Editor Note: I’m starting a series – Pro Tip Tuesday – that I hope helps with marrying the social worker identity with the technology piece that this blog focuses on. Some themes may lean on one side more than the other, but I hope that this inspires professional development.