Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Using Evernote for Clinical Social Work

Evernote presents a dilemma for me: I love it but it’s not HIPAA friendly. This is how I use the app for things concerning clients and can be helpful for people that practice as therapists, psychologist, and related fields of social work!

A graphic of a road barrier. Caption says: Set Boundaries, Early and Often

Social Work Pro Tip #002: Set Boundaries, Early and Often

Setting boundaries is something we social workers often teach their clients – it’s good to practice what we preach! Setting boundaries early in a relationship is very important, as you establish respect for yourself, acknowledge your limits, and pay homage to your values.

Pro Tip Tuesday: Be The Hero That You Admire

Social Work Pro Tip #001: Be The Hero You Admire

Editor Note: I’m starting a series – Pro Tip Tuesday – that I hope helps with marrying the social worker identity with the technology piece that this blog focuses on. Some themes may lean on one side more than the other, but I hope that this inspires professional development.