Ignacio Pacheco, MSW, LCSW 71527

Psychotherapist + Clinical Social Worker


As a client centered and empowering therapist, I help my clients:

  • develop coping skills,
  • have hope (not everything is black and white!), and
  • move upward and forward with life’s challenges.

I have helped people with anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders in diminishing and managing their symptoms.

I have helped clients reduce their symptoms to improve their relationships, ability to work, ability to succeed academically, and make difficult life choices. I have also worked collaboratively with psychiatric providers and providing community linkages to help my clients succeed in their recovery.

I am very structured: following a brief consultation (to make sure that I can help you), I complete a thorough assessment (to understand your background and culture), and will collaborate with you on a plan that addresses your treatment needs.

I am located in Monterey, CA and serve primarily, the Monterey Peninsula (and South Monterey County) via HIPAA compliant tele-health apps that you can access through your iPhone or Android smartphone.

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