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All Square[d] Up!

I love Square. Square is a company out of San Francisco, CA that helps the average Jane or Joe to process credit card payments. In other words, everyone can now accept credit cards on their mobile device without having to sign up for a credit-card terminal, which often requires a contract for a certain amount of…

Digital Storytelling

Auditory Appreciation I’m the type of person that loves to listen to audio, be it music, broadcast, radio. Maybe it’s the social worker in me that loves to listen, decipher, analyze, contemplate, re-frame, and visualize without actually being in the time and place that the client was at in the story they’re telling me. 

An Art Exercise I Made!

This is an art exercise that I made while completing my first year MSW internship! 🙂 The child draws out his or her name on the canvass however they want The child draws stars out Inside the stars, the child will write out things that they value Easy-peasy on the iPad with the kids I…